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    Hello, and welcome to the resource for the Tetris Plus series of games.  I'm Mark Alpiger, of King of Kong fame, and besides being a big fan of classic arcade gaming (and thus my other gaming website, devoted to that topic), I'm the premier gamer, and world record holder, on the arcade versions of both Tetris Plus, and Tetris Plus 2 (or TP / TP2 for short).  And, with a no continues score of over 1 million, I'm also superb on perhaps the most famous edition of the game - the console release of TP, which was made for both the Playstation, and the Sega Saturn.

    Now that my credentials are laid out, let's get to what you can expect from this site.  Basically, I will cover, in agonizing (yet wonderful !) detail, all things having to do with the various editions of the series.  An emphasis will firmly be on the arcade versions, mostly since they are the original, and therefore canonical, versions of the game.  But, the Tetris Plus console edition will be well-covered too, and I will still have plenty of details and info on the Game Boy version of TP, which is the remaining edition for the game.  Sadly, there was no edition released for Tetris Plus 2 on any platform, outside of the arcade version.

    One thing to keep in mind will be that I will tend to cover, in much more detail, one of the 'mode' variations for the two games more than the others.  Namely, Puzzle Mode, as opposed to Vs. mode, or to the 'classic' Tetris mode (which is called Normal mode on TP, and Endless mode on TP2).  Puzzle Mode (PM for short) is far and away the most ingenious variation of Tetris that I've ever seen.  The addition of a character walking on top of the blocks is at once simple, yet incredibly interesting and challenging, as far as a play mechanic goes.

    Alright - now that we've broken things down in a cursory, yet detailed enough, way, let's get to it.  Follow the links below for an incredible journey detailing most all there is to know about one of the best game series there is out there (at least, in my expert opinion)... Tetris Plus !